Antibiotic Treatment

The mouth is used for a variety of functions, such as breathing and eating, and is exposed to external bacteria that can cause plaque buildup. If the mouth isn’t cleaned properly with home hygiene efforts such as brushing and flossing, it is likely that gingivitis (gum inflammation) or gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, may develop. The presence of periodontal disease can have severe complications for the rest of the mouth, including tooth loss and severe inflammation.

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, there are many antibiotic treatments available to you at Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery which can be used in combination with the surgical treatments that you may need. Antibiotic treatments play a large role in decreasing the bacteria present in the mouth both before and after surgical treatment and prevent additional infection.

Dr. Mogyoros offer a wide variety of both oral antibiotic treatment options and topical gels and will review your options for treatment before your procedure. An oral antibiotic is taken in pill form through the mouth while topical gels are applied directly to the surgical site. Both are effective solutions to prevent bacterial growth in the mouth, and the solution prescribed will be dependent on both the procedure being performed and patient preference. You may be prescribed a low-dose antibiotic treatment for longer term use, or a higher dosage for a short period of time to prevent bacteria from forming.

What are my oral antibiotic treatment options?

Oral antibiotic treatments tend to affect the whole body and are less commonly prescribed than topical gel. Here are some specific details about several different types of oral antibiotics:

  • Tetracycline Antibiotics: Antibiotics that include tetracycline hydrochloride, doxycycline, and minocycline are the primary drugs used in periodontal treatment. They have antibacterial properties, reduce inflammation, and block collagenase (a protein that destroys the connective tissue).
  • Macrolide Antibiotics: This group of antibiotics has been proven effective at reducing inflammation and can also reduce bacterial growth associated with periodontitis.
  • Metronidazole: This antibiotic is used in combination with amoxicillin or tetracycline to combat inflammation and bacterial growth in severe or chronic periodontitis.

What are my topical gel and strip options?

The biggest advantage of the direct delivery of antibiotics to the surfaces of the gums is that the whole body is not affected. Topical gels and direct-delivery methods tend to be preferred over their oral counterparts and are extremely effective when used after scaling and root planning procedures. Here are some of the most commonly used direct delivery antibiotics:

  • Atridox®This doxycycline gel conforms to the contours of gum surfaces and solidifies over them. Over several days, this gel gradually releases the antibiotic medication.
  • PerioChip®This chip is placed into the actual gum pocket after root planning procedure. PerioChip® slowly releases Chlorhexidine, a powerful antibacterial antiseptic. In most cases, PerioChip® reduces pocket depth in periodontitis sufferers.
  • Actisite®This thin strip is similar to dental floss and contains tetracycline hydrochloride. The thread is placed temporarily directly between the tooth and gum to kill bacteria and reduce the depth of gum pockets. Several threads are sometimes placed for about 10 days to enhance the antibiotic effect.
  • Elyzol®This metronidazole antibiotic comes in gel and strip form. It is unique because it can destroy parasites as well as oral bacteria.
  • Arestin®This minocycline antibiotic comes in mini capsules that are delivered into the gums after scaling and root planning.

It is not uncommon for patients to see a noticeable improvement in their condition after systemic or oral antibiotic treatment. Dr. Mogyoros will incorporate and recommend antibiotic treatments as necessary for the healing of your periodontal condition. If you have any questions about periodontal disease or antibiotic treatments, we encourage you to speak with your doctor during your initial consultation. We are happy to address your concerns and requests to find the antibiotic solution that is best for you.

Where can I get oral antibiotic treatment near Philadelphia?

The surgeons at Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery located in Elkins Park, PA, are specialists in performing oral and maxillofacial procedures and treatments, including a variety of oral antibiotic treatments. Dr. Mogyoros services the entire greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

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