Gum & Jaw Bone Treatments

Patients who have experienced facial trauma, suffer from periodontal disease, or are born with oral birth defects are often candidates for gum and jaw bone treatments to correct their functional and aesthetic problems. The doctors at Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery are happy to provide their patients with the treatment necessary to restore the ability to speak, chew, and breathe, as well as the beautiful smile that every patient deserves.

Common Gum Treatments

Crown Lengthening (Gum Lift) — Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the most qualified healthcare providers to perform crown lengthening procedures to correct a gummy smile or prepare the mouth for tooth restoration or certain cosmetic procedures. While many patients have never heard of a crown lengthening procedure, it is a commonly performed treatment option for reshaping or recontouring bone or gum tissue in the mouth and can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic appearance of the face and smile.

Gum Grafts — One of the more common aesthetic problems that patients face is a crooked or asymmetrical gum line. Periodontal disease makes the gum line recede and exposes more of the affected teeth. Gum grafting allows oral surgeons to place a small, thin strip of tissue over the exposed tooth sections and re-contour the gum line to its original aesthetic appearance.

Pocket Reduction Surgery — Another side effect of periodontal disease is ridge indentation, brown gums, and unattractive teeth overall. During pocket reduction surgery, the oral surgeon can remove any plaque, bacteria, or tartar that resides beneath the gum line and restore health to the gums and affected teeth, which ensures the long-term health of the jaw bone.

Common Jaw Bone Treatments

Bone Grafts — Patients who have been missing a tooth or several teeth for an extended period may need to undergo a bone grafting procedure. When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate, making it very difficult to perform some tooth replacement procedures, such as dental implant placement. Without enough bone present for the implant to attach itself to the jaw, the implant is often not stable enough to support the tooth crown, and future complications may arise. Several different procedures can be performed; the treatment that you receive will depend on your individual case and oral needs.

We can obtain the bone graft material from a variety of sources. If you can utilize your own bone, it will likely be taken from another area inside the mouth around the third molar in the upper or lower jaw. In some cases, bone from the chin or your hip or tibia may be used. If you are not a candidate to use your own bone, it can be obtained from a tissue bank, or a mineral bone substitute can be used.

Sinus Augmentation  Everyone has maxillary sinuses behind their cheeks and above their upper teeth. These sinuses have nothing in them, and unfortunately, the bone that separates the mouth from the sinus cavity is usually very thin. It is often extremely difficult to replace a lost tooth in the upper jaw with dental implants because there is not enough bone present. To solve this problem, the surgical team at Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery can perform a sinus lift procedure in which the oral surgeon enters into the sinus cavity and lifts up the sinus membrane. A bone graft is placed below the membrane, which will integrate with the bone in the jaw over several months. Once the graft has fused, dental implants can be placed.

Ridge Expansion  A ridge expansion, a more complex form of bone grafting, may be necessary when the alveolar ridge bone, a special type of bone surrounding and supporting teeth, begins to deteriorate or lose density due to natural breakdown. During ridge expansion, performed to widen or heighten the jaw to increase the bone density and have implants placed, the bony ridge of the jaw is split surgically, and bone graft material is inserted into the space made.

Where can I get gum and jaw bone treatments near Philadelphia?

The surgeons at Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery located in Elkins Park, PA, are specialists in performing oral and maxillofacial procedures and treatments, including gum and jaw bone treatments. Dr. Mogyoros services the entire greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

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