General Extraction

Many patients who experience tooth decay or damage can have their condition treated by their general dentist with a crown, filling, or root canal. Unfortunately, when the damage is too extensive for treatment, the tooth must be removed. If the tooth removal case is complex or the patient has a history of severe gum disease or health problems, a general dentist will refer their patient to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for the general extraction of the tooth.

Why do I need my tooth removed?

There are several factors that may contribute to the need for a general tooth extraction, and the clinical problem will determine the method used. Some of the most common reasons that patients need a tooth removed include

  • Loosening of the Tooth. Many patients who develop periodontal disease, an infection of the tissues and bone surrounding the teeth, experience loosening of their adult teeth. If this is the case, the tooth is too unstable to remain functioning in the mouth, and it must be removed.
  • Development of Infection. When infections in the mouth, such as tooth decay, reach the center of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, it may make the tooth incurable through root canal therapy or antibiotics. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy or organ transplants are at an increased risk for infection because their immune system has been compromised.
  • Dental Crowding. Many young patients experience dental crowding that requires tooth extraction. Some causes of this crowding include baby teeth not falling out in time for adult teeth to grow in, preparation of the mouth for orthodontia, and the presence of extra teeth that prevent the healthy, normal teeth from growing properly.

If you are referred to Dr. Mogyoros to have a tooth or multiple teeth extracted, they will first perform an oral examination of the mouth and jaws to determine the best method for tooth removal. Additional X-rays or 3D scanning may be required. Your age, oral health, and the tooth’s relationship to other areas of the mouth, such as other teeth, the nerves, or sinus, will all be taken into consideration when formulating the plan for removal.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, we encourage to contact our office in Elkins Park, PA. Our friendly office staff is happy to assist you in scheduling an initial consultation, and our highly qualified surgical staff will ensure that you are comfortable and informed throughout the entire procedural process.

Where Can I Get a Tooth Extracted Near Philadelphia?

The surgeons at Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery located in Elkins Park, PA, are specialists in performing oral and maxillofacial procedures and treatments, including the removal of teeth. Dr. Mogyoros services the entire greater Philadelphia area.

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