At Greater Philadelphia Oral Surgery, we don’t believe your treatment ends when you leave our office after your procedure; your treatment ends when you have fully recovered and can return to your normal routine with a smile on your face. To help the healing process along and to ensure you have a comfortable and speedy recovery, we provide each patient with a set of instructions to follow both before and after surgery. Adhering closely to these guidelines will decrease the risk of post-surgical complications and gives you the best chance for optimal results.

The post-operative instructions provided to you may vary based on your procedure, but each patient will receive pre-operative instructions with directions to follow beginning up to 24 hours before your surgery. Whether patients are visiting our office for a simple extraction or the complex treatment of facial trauma or jaw misalignment, we have found that patients are most comfortable when they are well informed. Reading the provided instructions helps patients gain an understanding of what to expect and helps them prepare for all situations, making them more comfortable when undergoing the procedure. If you feel you do not understand any part of your instructions, please contact our office, and we will be happy to assist you.

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