Dr. Mogyoros Removed Nayela’s Wisdom Teeth

Hi, my name is Nayela. I’m from West Philadelphia. I came to Dr. Mogyoros’ office for a wisdom teeth extraction. I was very nervous before having the surgery because this was my first surgery ever to have, but the environment, the staff, and Dr. Mogyoros himself made me feel very comfortable and ready for the surgery. What I like about Dr. Mogyoros is his thoroughness, his personality, his knowledge about teeth, everything, so pretty much his character. After having the surgery, my recovery was actually fast. It wasn’t painful, it was easy, I was able to pretty much do the regular things I was doing before I had the surgery. I know people from Mount Airy, West Philadelphia, Northeast, and even Jersey, and I would highly recommend that they come to see Dr. Mogyoros for a wisdom teeth extraction.

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