Nadine Received Multiple Dental Implants – Wyncote, PA

Hi, I’m Nadine, and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania near Wyncote. I broke a couple of crowns on both sides of my upper jaw, and unfortunately, my regular dentist couldn’t repair the work with resealing the crowns, so he recommended me to come see Dr. Mogyoros. I had a consultation with him, and we went over the procedure, and it was determined that I would be needing dental implants. It was a very good experience. First of all, just the consultation itself, he explained thoroughly what would be done, he offered me the various options in terms of having sedation or being awake during the procedure, and I chose the sedation because I’m terrified of dentists, and if nothing else, coming to Dr. Mogyoros made me very happy because he was very easy to deal with, and he calmed my fears quite a bit. I had two of them done at once, along with another extraction. It was not a bad experience at all! Of course, I was sedated, so I didn’t feel anything, but after the procedure was done, I had very minimal discomfort, I had very minimal swelling, and I would definitely recommend anyone who requires implants to come here from Rydal, PA to see Dr. Mogyoros.

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