Rand Recommends Our Office for Oral Surgery

Well, my father started our commercial dental laboratory back in 1954, and I’ve been involved with the laboratory for over forty-five years. My experience with implants, dental implants, goes back to the late 1970s, and more extensively through the early 1980s until the present day. My function in the lab has been basically to work on the most complicated dental implant cases that are being done in the area. I’ve worked with a lot of oral surgeons over the years, and the thing I like about Dr. Mogyoros is his placement of the implants. He has a thorough understanding of what’s needed to be done prosthetically, and he positions the implants with that knowledge in mind. He’s also really terrific in that he always has a plan B and a plan C with the placement of the implants so that the end result always winds up being a beautiful prosthesis. I know patients are being referred from all over the Delaware Valley to Dr. Mogyoros. They’ve come from as far away as Allentown, Bethlehem, east in Bucks County, and even across the river from the Cherry Hill area, South Jersey. They come from all over because they’re being referred by their dentists because of the expert placement that Dr. Mogyoros is able to deliver. In working in the dental laboratory for over forty-five years, I can say with the highest degree of certainty that Dr. Mogyoros is at the top of his game. He’s one of the premier dental implant specialists in the nation, and I wouldn’t hesitate to sit in his chair.

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