Tara’s Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Abington PA

Hi, my name’s Tara, and I’m from Abington, PA. I saw Dr. Mogyoros to get my wisdom teeth removed last year. It was my first time getting surgery, so I was really nervous. I’d never had any kind of surgery before. I talked to Dr. Mogyoros before about everything that was going to occur the day of the surgery. He really put my mind at ease about everything that was going to happen, so I knew what was going to happen and what I was going to expect. Once I saw him the day of the surgery, I knew everything was going to be okay. I trusted him because he’s very friendly and he’s very professional. Everything went really well. The staff was very friendly. It was easy to make appointments; they were really flexible with my schedule. I was able to make my appointment right over winter break, because I’m a student, and it was really hard for me to schedule things during the year because of school. They’re very flexible with making sure you can get your appointment when you need it. I tell all my friends in Abington, PA, the Northeast, and Montgomery County that this is the place to come to get your wisdom teeth out, because the staff and the doctors are just really great, and I’d come back if I had to.

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