Tom Received the All-on-4® Treatment Concept

Hello, my name’s Tom Farris. I live in Philadelphia. I came to Dr. Mogyoros because I had bottom dentures that always slipped when I ate. I could never really get a good, clean bite on things. It just was very uncomfortable, and I had them for about four to five years. Finally, it was suggested to me to look into implants, so I came here. Dr. Mogyoros was awesome. He sat me down, showed me what the implants would be like, and I’m one who shies away from dentists, and that’s probably why I’m in the shape that I am with my teeth originally. Dr. Mogyoros sat me down, showed me basically what the implants would be like, what the teeth would look like, and after about two weeks of the procedure being done, I could already feel the difference. It was fantastic! I mean, they feel like my real teeth. I actually sometimes get a phantom pain in a tooth that I think is there from when I had real teeth. I can’t say enough about how much he’s done for my well-being as far as eating is concerned because I feel even that chewing food was tough with the bottom dentures, and the implants, if you’re thinking about getting them, it’s really the best choice for you.

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